We Found Spirit the Horse (Oregon - DAY 3)

Does everyone remember the DreamWorks Animated film called Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron? yeah? ok good.  I might or might not still cry from watching it, shout out to all the kids I babysat to let me relive that movie over and over again. I mean Matt Damon was the horse... swoon! Anyway, it has been on of my dreams to go find the wild mustang herd that Spirit is based off of. This herd of horses, called the Kiger mustang, are the closest you can get to the original horses that the Spanish conquistadors brought over to America. Cara, (aka best friend -- aka freaking amazing human who puts up with all of my love for everything horse) and I set out on a off roading quest in her little ford focus to go find these gorgeous creatures. First we went on a hike, which was 2 hours of walking around, finding birds, and being watched closely by grazing cows. Around lunch time and we started to head back to the car, pausing before we got to the car Cara looked through the binoculars and gasped. I looked to her and was about to slap her because it isn't funny to joke about seeing wild horses! but! she found one lone stallion across a valley on another hill side. SUCCESS!! 

Me -- Ecstatic about finding SPIRIT!!! 

Cara -- Proud she found the mustang 

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