Wild Horses: Prineville, Oregon (Day 1)

I'm going to be real, my heart beats really fast when I think about finding wild mustang horses for the first time. My horse came from a wild mustang herd in Nevada, I got her when she was about 2 years old and trained her from there.  I have such a  adoration for wild horses and tend to ignore most of the politics surrounding the capture of them. 

I had the privilege of adventuring with my best friend, Cara, to the middle of Oregon to find some wild mustangs. We basically went on a scavenger hunt. The success was magical. 

Oh, did I mention that it is foaling season? ;)

We saw 3 foals (one of them was actually a wild baby unicorn.), 1 very pregnant mare, 1 scarred stallion, and 25 other wild mustangs.