Malheur National Wildlife Refuge - a.k.a. Bird Disneyland (Oregon - Day 2)

So if you have heard anything about the "Oregon Militia" this year you also know that they took over a government building, had a standoff with the FBI, and then got arrested (excuse the short more here.) That whole situation went down on an amazing patch of preserved land called The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge which houses a very dense variety of wildlife. So obviously we decided to go. My best friend Cara loves birds as much as I love horses, so birdwatching was on the agenda from noon till sundown. She prepped a North American bird watching book with a bazillion stickies, brought her life list book with us and we headed out. 


We saw a bunch of critters including, jack rabbits, yellow bellied marmots, a beaver, antelope and deer playing (not joking) and most importantly we added 19 new species of bird to her life list.